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    Bio Strip

    Bio-Strip is a high quality and water-based remover of paints and finishing products e.g. wax and varnishes. Unlike dangerous counterparts using chlorides, Bio-Strip is bio-degradable and easy to use. Bio-Strip has no chemical smell.

    Bio strip can be used as a prep to take a piece down to the original wood prior to repainting or to strip wood for a natural finish. 

    This is a must-have preparation tool and a great alternative to sanding or traditional chemical strippers.


    At Autentico, we manufacture our own line of furniture, wall, exterior and masonry paints, combining technology with tradition and creativity with professionalism.

    Whether you are embarking on a creative venture, a home or commercial building endeavour, Autentico will always provide a top-quality, honest and versatile product to suit your aspirations.


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