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    About Us


    Founders Ris and Eric’s creative life started in England making bespoke, high-quality oak furniture together with internationally acclaimed designers. During their designer and maker practice, they were already creating special paint techniques on furniture but also on their walls and ceilings; quickly realizing the paints out there at the time were not up to the task.

    Together with experienced paint makers and after more than a year of experimenting, in 2011 Autentico Vintage was launched, quickly gaining a loyal following and within months more than 100 resellers. After Autentico Vintage, other specialist finishes were introduced. Within a couple of years, Autentico became a paint supplier offering the whole scope of products needed to create truly unique finishes.

    Based on the UK success in England, Autentico’s quality was soon discovered by specialists overseas and the European distribution centre in Middelburg, The Netherlands, was founded. Today, we are still working with the same talented team, supplying truly unique top-quality paint and finishes all over the world and a niche market leader in many countries. We love working together with our country distributors and stockists.

    Through all our growth, the primary values stay the same. To provide Quality and Professionalism in everything we do, inspiring  Creativity  with  Enthusiasm and Knowledge.