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    Volterra Corfu White


    Volterra is a heavy-bodied, 100 % mineral plaster-paint, made with premium ingredients. Due to its naturally high pH-value, Volterra is mould- and bacteria resistant. With the ready-mixed Volterra, having a Tadelakt designers wall or a concrete-look wall has come within reach of many. The application of Volterra paint is quite easy to adopt and suitable for DIY: Make sure your walls don't suffer from uneven suction (often the case when repairs have been made). In case of doubt apply a coat of our stainblocking primer; Apply a coat of Velvet wall paint in the same colour as your Volterra colour and let dry for 3-4 hours. With this preparation your Volterra finish will be at its best; After the layer of Velvet has thoroughly dried, stat applying a coat of Volterra. You will experience Volterra is heavy-bodied and therefore you would need a sturdy brush. If you feel Volterra is too heavy to apply, you may dilute the paint with max 10 % water to make it more workable OR; Apply with a stainless steel trowel. This requires a bit of exercise but you will be more in control; Once Volterra starts drying, you will notice when lighter patches appear, smoothen with the trowel. This is the stage when you create texture. The more you smoothen, the more texture will appear; Let Volterra dry for at least 4 hours. Volterra dries lighter than when wet applied; Optionally, apply a coat of Velature after Volterra has thoroughly dried. Volterra offers protection against stains without losing permeability and adds even more depth of texture. Coverage Volterra, when applied by brush, is app. 10 m2 per 2,5L Volterra tin. When applied by trowel, coverage is app 15 m2 per 2,5L Volterra tin


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